Large Format Printing (Attempt 2)

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Large Format Printing (Attempt 2)   (288005)
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    Which usage fits your needs?

    General Purpose: Provides beautiful and durable substrate options suitable for a wide variety of uses. Ideal for indoor and outdoor banners with simple graphic elements.

    Photographic: Reveals the full range of colors found in images of people, products, backgrounds, and scenery. Ideal for uses requiring excellent photographic reproduction.

    Backlit Display: Uses a light source to shine through the image, creating an eye-catching display. Ideal for high-traffic advertising.

    Window Display: Allows the finished product to be mounted directly on windows. Ideal for upgrading existing window space into a can't-miss display.

  4. *General Purpose Media


    Which printing media should I choose?

    Vinyl Banner: For durable indoor or outdoor use. Ideal for applications where the signage will need to withstand a variety of environmental or crowd scenarios.

    Adhesive Vinyl: Provides a layer of semi-permanent adhesive for easy installation. Ideal for applications in which the signage will temporariliy be applied to an existing surface and then removed.

  5. *Photographic Media


    What photographic media should I use?

    Photo Gloss: Best for rich and robust color reproduction with brilliance and depth.

    Photo Satin: Provides excellent color reproduction with a more subtle, muted appearance.

    Photo Matte:  Best for with minimal light reflection and no additional "shine".

    Canvas Satin: Best for reproduction results similar to an oil painting.

    Canvas Matte: For a museum-quality artistic look with a low-reflection watercolor feel.

  6. *Backlit Media


    What backlit media should I use?

    Adhesive Backlit Film: Features a semi-removable adhesive that allows for easy instant application to glass, plexiglass, and similar surfaces.

    Backlit Gloss Film: Provides rich and robust color reproduction with brilliance and depth.

    Backlit Matte Film: Reproduces images with a subtle muted appearance and no additional "shine".

  7. *Window Display Media


    Which window display media should I choose?

    View-Thru Vinyl: Features an opaque appearance from the outside but because the substrate contains tiny perforated holes, it still provides visibility when viewed from the inside.

    Window Cling – White: Provides an opaque white background for any unprinted areas.

    Window Cling – Clear:  Substrate reveals complete transparency for any unprinted areas.

  8. *Finishing


    What are my finishing options for banners?

    Most banners are either held up by grommets (metal loops embedded in the corners of the banner and at two-foot intervals along the edges, depending on the dimensions of the banner) or mounted on poles, which rest in small, two-inch pockets along either the top and bottom or left and right sides of the banner. Both of these common finishing options are available.

  9. *Wind Slits


    What are wind slits?

    Wind slits are small openings cut into a banner to let air pass through. They are most common on larger banners. Wind slits are meant to help relieve stress and reduce wind load on the banner and its anchors.

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