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Tim Simpson   (75539)
Description: Hi Dave-

I know that the current online pricing can’t do this(see Below). Aaron has tried a couple of different ways, but was unable to make it work. So I have a couple of questions for you.

Base cost per book $4.27 + .025 per page x quantity. With discounts at the following quantity breaks: 50 books discount base price and page count price 30%, 75 32%, 100-44%, 300-55%, 500-62%, 750-65%, 1000- 68%.

One other thing to think of we would also have some additional services( proofs, cover layout, etc.) that would not be discounted. We would also like to be able to show the estimated shipping cost as well.

1. Is websites for Printers working on a new system for online pricing that would work with this pricing model?

2. And if so, how long before it is ready?

3. If not, will Websites for Printers develop this for us?

Tim Simpson
Form ID: 75539
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Inventory and Character Limit Test   (96036)
Inventory Available:
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Description: See Help Center Thread
Size: 8.5 x 11
Paper: 20# Bond - White
Ink: Black
Form ID: 96036
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